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Feel Like A Pro. Shoot Like A Pro.

Inspired by the DSLR Battery Grip. Empowers you to shoot all day.

Ergonomic Grip
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Wireless Powerbank
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Landscape/Portrait Mode
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Bluetooth Shutter
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Free-standing Charging Dock
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ProGrip Accessories Kit
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Sleek Ergonomics for

Balance & Stability

Bridge the gap in photography performance. ProGrip turns your phone into a pro-level camera that's always with you.

Ergonomic Grip

True Comfort Lies in the Details

Designed for Maximum Comfort

A Secure Hold for Every Finger

The ProGrip's signature curve is sculpted to enhance every finger's grip strength.

Lift Pressure from Your Palm

The rear grip's rounded design evenly diffuses palm pressure for your comfort.

Eases Wrist Tension

The carved out thumb rest on the grip doubles as a counterbalance, reducing tension on your wrist.

Natural Shooting Position

A perfectly angled Bluetooth shutter allows you to shoot naturally with just your index finger.

Angled for Optimal Comfort

No more sore wrists or awkward two-handed grappling for the right hold.

Wireless Powerbank

Charge & Shoot

Simultaneously All Day Long.

Shoot Up to 3 Times More Footage

Powered by built-in A-Grade Samsung Battery Cells with fast wireless charging. Experience up to 3 times more shooting time throughout your day.

15W Qi Wireless Charging

Empower your device with 15W lightning-fast wireless charging, eliminating the hassle of tangled cords and enhancing your uninterrupted moments.

20W PD for Charging Cable

Fast PD wired charging that will keep your other gears, accessories, or even bluetooth headphones fueled.

Charge Devices Simultaneously

You can use the ProGrip as a multi-outlet charger to charge your phone and another device at the same time.

Landscape/Portrait Mode

Quick Switch

Dynamically transition between portrait and landscape modes for your perfect shot.

Easily Transition
to Portrait
Shooting in
Shooting in
Shooting in
Bluetooth Shutter

Smart Wireless Shutter

Optimized for both video and photo shooting.

Single Press
iPhone: Photo
Android: Photo
Long Press
iPhone: Video
Android: Burst Photo
Free-standing Charging Dock

Wireless Charging Dock

More Than Just a Grip.

Perfect Viewing Tilt

Stands at a 75° tilt angle for hands-free filming, video calls and comfortable viewing whilst charging.

Weighted for Enhanced Stability

The freestanding dock is weighted for optimal table-top stability.

Instant Orientation Switch

Perfect for video or hands-free vlogging in landscape mode.

"The ergonomic layout of the ShiftCam ProGrip mount, supported by its organic yet minimalist design idiom, allows the user to concentrate fully on content creation."

The Jury of Red Dot Design Award

Quality Engineering

High Quality Product

The ProGrip has been purposefully designed and refined by our experts and the ShiftCam community.

Meticulously Selected Materials and Finish

Soft-touch and non-slip rubber coating ensures comfort and security.

Sweat-Proof Material

High-quality rubber grip coating prevents stickiness and other damages overtime.

Durable & Future-Proof

The ProGrip can hold mobile devices ranging from 58 to 90mm wide.

Symmetrical Clamp Design

The phone clamp opens up symmetrically and closes with the release mechanism, securely centering your phone on the clamp.

Smart Wireless Charging Design

Engineered to prolong a battery's life cycle, the ProGrip also supports landscape to portrait rotation.

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152mm x 67mm x 88mm
Net Weight
3.7V / 6400 mAh / 11.84Wh
USB-C Input
PD 18W Max
Wireless Charging Output
15W Max
Phone Compatibility
Any mobile device between 58 and 90 mm wide, with and without cases


113.3mm x 81.74 mm x 34.1 mm
Net Weight
3.7V / 3200 mAh / 11.84Wh
USB-C Input
DC 5V/2A/10W
Wireless Charging Output
DC 5V/1A/5W
(Qi Compatible)
Phone Compatibility
MagSafe Phones or MagSafe Phone Case


Feel like a Pro. Shoot like a Pro.
Bluetooth Shutter
6400mAh battery
Wireless Qi Charging
Dynamic Shooting Modes
Smartphone Compatible
Ergnomic Design
Workstation Dock
Award Winning
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